Mocktails Display for Cocktails and Smoothies


Forget the overnight prep. With our ready-to-go Sangria, all you need to make a beautiful sparkling Mocktails Brand® are fresh blueberries and sparkling water. This stunning, refreshing sipper is ideal for summer, and also looks beautiful when made in a batch, displayed in a large pitcher for parties.

YIELD: 4 servings
PREP TIME: 5 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes

1 ½ cup blueberries, chilled or frozen
1 bottle Mocktails Seville Red Sangria, chilled
1-2 cups sparkling water or organic ginger ale
fresh basil leaves

Fill stemless wine glasses ¼ full with blueberries. Pour Mocktails Brand® Sangria in each glass, until half full. Top with sparkling water. Garnish with fresh basil, if desired.

Note: To make alcoholic, swap sparkling sweet wine for the water.

Iron man Cocktail

Bold, cool and bright, we’ve created these cocktail for Father’s Day but it’s ideal for any day of the week. The flavors here meld together nicely. Tangy Scottish Lemonade, mellow honey and the earthy sweetness of beets offset by a thyme sprig make a dandy mocktail. For best results, use a highly concentrated “beet shot” (available at most natural food stores) to boost both flavor and color.

YIELD: 3 servings
PREP TIME: 5 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes

1 bottle Mocktails Brand® Scottish Lemonade
2 Tbsp honey
¼ cup beet shot or beet juice
fresh thyme

To the Mocktails shaker, add honey and ice. Shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
Pour into two large ice-filled Tom Collins glasses, pour beet juice over the top. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

Note: To make alcoholic, add ¼ cup bourbon, vodka or gin.


Brighten up any afternoon with this all-natural bright pink Mocktails Brand®. Frozen raspberries keep the sipper cool, while our berry-kissed Cosmopolitan gets a bit bubbly from a sparkling water stir-in.

YIELD: 1 servings
PREP TIME: 5 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes

¼ cup frozen raspberries
¼ cup Mocktails Brand® Karma Sucra Cosmopolitan
¼ cup sparkling water or organic ginger-ale
edible flowers for garnish (optional)

Place raspberries in a large martini glass. Pour Mocktails Brand® Cosmopolitan and sparkling water over the top of the raspberries. Garnish with edible flowers, if desired.

Note: To make alcoholic, add 1 oz raspberry vodka to the glass. Stir with a cocktail stirrer to mix.

Red White & Stars Margarita

Red, white and blue, what could be better? How an all-natural liquor-free sipper that tastes just like your favorite cocktail? Our simple The Vida Loca Margarita makes a quick mocktail with this easy idea.

YEILD: 4 servings
PREP TIME: 5 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes

6 oz fresh raspberries
6 oz fresh blueberries
2 (1/4” thick) slices of honeydew
1 (18 oz) bottle Mocktails Brand® The Vida Loca Margarita, chilled
8-12 oz organic ginger ale or sparkling water, chilled
Special equipment: small star shaped cookie-cutter

Layer raspberries and blueberries in four Collins glasses.
Cut the honeydew slices into stars with cookie cutter.
Fill glasses halfway full with Mocktails Brand® Vida Loca Margarita, top with ginger ale or sparkling water.
Serve and enjoy.

NOTE: To make this drink alcoholic, pour 1 oz tequila and 1 oz triple sec into the bottom of glasses before filling.