You Deserve Better!


As we are now back from summer, we think about all of our work and school events. It’s not easy staying healthy this time of year and just wait, the Holidays are coming! We are here for you now that you have made the healthy lifestyle choice, and are looking for a better adult beverage experience.

Are you dissatisfied and even frustrated every time you go to a restaurant, bar, hotel, wedding, company event, gathering of any sort, and get soda, lemonade, iced tea, or water instead of a premium drink experience? We wanted our drink to match our purpose of being there in the first place. Not to mention all that HFCS and sweet stuff does not go well with the beautiful food being served, why bother? So many of us settle for water or cranberry seltzer not knowing what else to do.

We all went to have great time with friends, family and colleagues at every occasion, and when the drink in your hand falls short, or even detracts from the experience, you have to ask yourself “Why do I have to settle for the same average choices I’ve been drinking since I was kid?”

Awareness that you deserve better is the first step!

If you are like us and interested in the mixology movement and appreciate subtle, not too sweet, balanced drinks that compliment your company and the delicious food you enjoy most, it’s time to try our uniquely crafted products.

ServeUP/DrinkUP our Uniquely Crafted Mocktails.


Bill, Mark, and Jim

From our families to yours.

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